October 2020 RKR line card

RKR – Manufactures in the Rocky Mountain Region

Pipe Insulation for both plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration applications. Ductliner and Insuguard pipe saddles.

Copper water tube and linesets.

Cast Iron soil pipe and fittings. PVC, ABS, and CPVC-CTS pipe and fittings, PVC schedule 40/80 pressure fittings. ChemDrain chemical waste system.

Circuit Solver by ThermOmegaTech is the self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve which controls temperature and ensures hot water is delivered consistently to all faucets without the need for manual balancing.

Gas fired wall, console, and floor heaters; conventional vent, direct vent and vent free. PilotPro on-demand pilot ignition system.

150 and 300 lb. Copper sweat, roll grooved, Press fit and black steel roll grooved flanges.

Molded and terrazzo shower receptors and mop basins, molded utility sinks, institutional showers and luxury tubs.

Safety glasses, goggles and accessories.

Pipe hangers, supports and strut accessories.

Classic, Standard, Heavy-Duty, Super Heavy Duty and Heavy Duty Pow’r- Gear cplgs. for cast iron no-hub pipe.

Ball valves, Add -A-Valve, Butterfly valves, Thermoplastic valves, Tankless waterheater valve kits, Cast Iron valves, etc…

Engineered plumbing drainage products.

Power tools, Bi-metal reciprocating blades, hole saws, wood-boring bits, tubing cutters, wrenches,and pliers. HVAC gauges, hoses and tools.

Sump, drain, effluent, sewage, and grinder pumps. Packaged systems. Engineered pump systems.

Residential and commercial sanitaryware and bathware. Swirl-way jetted bathtubs and luxury freestanding bathtubs.

Residential and commercial tankless water heaters and Combi units.

Water conditioning and treatment. Residential filtration products and Reverse Osmosis System.

Solvent cements and primers, high-end linear shower drains, tubular products, roof flashings, wax rings, thread sealants, pneumatic test plugs, washing machine and ice-maker outlet boxes, solder, and plumbing specialties.

Forged steel fittings, Trans-O-Con branch connections, tank and cylinder fittings.

Machines and tools for pipe threading and pressing. “Spezial Spray”- (mineral based thread cutting oil)

Malleable and cast-iron fittings and unions, flanged fittings. Standard and XH pipe nipples. WARDFLEX-CSST flexible gas piping systems. UL/FM approved fire valves.

Steel pipe & tube for both Mechanical and Sprinkler applications.